The Easter exhibition is now open!

Our easter exhibition is one of a kind. Get thrown into a fantastic, magical easter paradise with a new theme every year. Everyone, from adults to little kids will enjoy meeting characters from different fairy tails and of course meeting real-life animals.



Scandinavia’s biggest Christmas exhibition will you find in Vellinge.

Santas village is the perfect trip for your whole family during winter season.
Enjoy a christmasy and festive exhibition with joyful christmas music, lots of santas and our real-life donkeys.

Fantasy Garden

Fantasy Garden is closed for the season

Fantasy Garden is our latest exhibition. An outdoor experience for the whole family, where we do everything for you get inspired and enjoy something you’ve never experienced before.

The theme of this year are famous buildings. By getting manageable flowers our talented staff sculpture famous buildings with flowers and plants. For even more enjoyment, we’ve added a story through-out. Meet the snowman, Isak who’s never experience a Swedish summer before.


Halloween exhibition is closed for the season

Is getting scared one of your favorite things? Or do you enjoy seeing your friends scream of the top of your lungs? Then our Halloween exhibition is something for you!

No matter what age (We promise, it’s family friendly) you will enjoy our Halloween exhibition!